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Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Gallery
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Tori wore the Ella dress in charmeuse hemp/silk with a powder blue sash.

Tori's comments: “My dress was so beautiful for the wedding, and everyone was amazed that it was made of hemp. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did :)”


Joelle wore the Ava dress in raw hemp/silk.

Joelle's comments: “I must apologize for taking such a long time to say: THANK YOU. You created a lovely wedding dress for my wedding. I only had to slightly alter it to fit my pregnant belly. We had a lovely wedding. We have also just had our lovely daugher, Ava Elizabeth, named after the wedding dress and her granny. Thank you once again! If I could meet you I would hug you.”


Doh wore a custom bamboo halter dress with a v-neck and low cut back.

Cory Ann

Cory Ann wore the Grace dress in raw hemp/silk with a silk lining.

Cory Ann’s comments: “The dress was beautiful and perfect for our wedding. Thank you so much for offering your alternative dresses for more environmentally friendly consumers. Thanks, Cory”


Emily wore an Ella dress in organic cotton.

Emily's comments: “Thank you again for creating such a beautiful dress -- I got so many compliments on it.”


Megan wore a Grace dress in floral hemp/silk.

Megan's comments: “I just wanted to send you a pic of the dress you made for me.  I was so proud to wear it for my wedding!  I also found sandals, the soles are made from recycled car tires, to go with it!  The dress was perfect!  Thank you so much!”


Dawn wore a custom dress based on the Ella dress. The dress was reverse charmeuse hemp/silk with a powder blue bodice and sash. A custom branch applique was designed for Dawn's dress, inspired by a painting she loved.

Dawn's comments: “The dress was phenomenal and I couldn't have wished it more perfect!  The appliqué work *really* surprised Brian (groom), too!!!  So many wonderful memories with such creative artwork - thank you for being part of making our wedding a wonderful version of the unique, special, and somewhat unconventional vision we had!”


Alison wore a Grace dress in natural hempcel with the straps and a ruffle in sprout hempcel.

Alison's comments: “Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures from the wedding. My dress couldn't have been any more perfect. We ended up getting married on a riverboat on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, TN. Almost every single person has complemented the dress. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Sue wore a Swirl dress in floral hemp/silk and custom dyed hempcel in pale yellow and green. Her bridesmaid, Crystal, also wore a swirl dress in olive, pale yellow and pale green.

Sue's comments: “The dresses were beautiful, comfortable and astonishingly, re-usable! Best wishes to you.”


Julee wore a custom halter in hemp/silk floral jacquard. The waist was accented with powder blue charmeuse. The bottom hem featured a custom appliqué of a flowering vine with fluttering butterflies.


Alice wore the Daydream dress in hempcel with a java hempcel back panel. (The groom’s clothing is from our friends at Mountains of the Moon!)

Alice’s comments: “I can not tell you how much I love my wedding dress! It is exactly what I wanted, and is so incredibly comfortable. After the wedding Chris and I went to an epic 420 party in Pahoa (a city near where we got married in Hawaii), and EVERYONE loved my dress! Of course I told them all about how wonderful you are and where they can find more of your apparel. By the way, the new wedding dress you have is without a doubt the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I went crazy when I saw it and Chris asked if we should just get married again. =0) Thank you again. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me, I know you put a lot of time and effort into the project. Also I realize I should have made sure you'd have time before I bought the dress and I'm sorry if I caused any inconvenience. Thanks again, and I'm hoping to get some money for my upcoming birthday for some more Threadhead creations. =0) “


Amanda wore a custom landscape dress based on the Daydream dress. Her knee length dress was raw hemp/silk with silk lining and featured a custom landscape. She wore a raw hemp/silk full length underskirt for the ceremony, which she removed for the reception. A great idea which will allow her to wear the dress again in the future!

Amanda’s comments: “The dress arrived today and it is simply beautiful! The colours of the appliqué are rich and inviting and I was surprised at how soft the silk is to the touch. I just need some minor alterations due to some loss of weight, but otherwise it fits perfectly. I will be sending you photos after the wedding. Thank you so much for your creativity and artistry - it truly is a piece of art. warmly, Amanda”


Letitia chose to customize the Ella dress. Her dress was created out of hemp/silk charmeuse with a silk lining and a wine charmeuse sash. Bands of wine also accent the top and bottom hems. Triple spaghetti straps add interest and draw the eye upward.

Letitia's comments: "Rai-Lynne, I just got done trying the dress on and it is *amazing*; I'm more than happy with it! You did an outstanding job on everything and I absolutely love the additional touches. The fit is great as well - there is very little we'll need to take in (and the straps are a perfect length). I can't wait to show Shane [the groom] what an elegant, beautiful piece you've created!
Thank you so much for all your time and talent. I was having such a hard time finding a wedding dress until I stumbled across your site. And how wonderful it turned out to be that I could support an independent and environmentally-friendly business to boot! You can bet I'll be recommending you to my like-minded friends. :-)
Thanks again, -- Letitia --"

Sarah & Meagan

Sarah wore the Ella dress in hemp/silk charmeuse with silk lining and a wine charmeuse sash. She chose to personalize her dress by having the standard spaghettis straps cross in the back.

Meghan also wore the Ella dress. Her dress was peace silk with a cotton lining. She chose to have her dress strapless and omit the sash. A custom navy blue hempcel knot appliqué accents the bottom hem. The appliqué was custom designed at her request; incorporating hearts and the infinity symbol.

Sarah & Meagan’s comments: “We just wanted to let you know that we loved the dresses, and so did everyone else-we got so many compliments on them! Thanks again!”


Amanda wore a variation on the Audrey dress in hemp/silk floral jacquard. She chose to have the bodice redesigned, with a higher neckline and sleeves.

Amanda’s comments: “Almost a year later and still to this day, I get comments on how beautiful my dress was. It was more than I could ever wish for, exactly what I pictured my "dream dress" to be. Reflecting on how smoothly everything went, and how perfect the dress fit was on the first time... it just amazes me. It truly made that aspect of my wedding experience memorable. You guys are so talented and great!”


Elizabeth's custom dress was created out of raw hemp/silk. It featured a sweetheart neckline, wide cap straps, corset back lacing and a purple sash. The front was accented with purple knot appliqués designed by the groom.


Andrea wore the Daydream dress. Her dress was made out of raw hemp/silk and lined in silk. It featured a powder blue matte charmeuse back panel and a detachable train.

Andrea's Comments: "I just got my dress! I've tried it on and it fits great. It is so beautiful:) Thank you soooo much for getting it to me in time. I'll be sure to send you some pictures. Thanks again :)"


Kristen's dress is a custom design based on the Grace dress in raw hemp/silk and green silk shantung with a silk lining. The bodice features a scoop neckline, straight straps and a back lace-up panel. The skirt is cut a-line with only a few small pleats to allow ease around the hips. There is a large box pleat in the front revealing a panel of green. Appliquéd ivy vines border the box pleat. It is finished off with a green sash.


Sabrina wore the Belle dress in raw hemp/silk and hemp/silk floral jacquard with a silk lining.

Sabrina's Comments: "IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS RAI-LYNNE. I love it. You did a fabulous job (like I knew you would). You are a very talented woman and you have made my wedding. Its not every day I get to get dressed up in such a beautiful dress. If I was in Tennessee right now, I would hug you. Lots of love, Sabrina"


Renee's dress was a custom design featuring an off the shoulder neckline. Godets add fullness below the knee. I used hemp/silk floral jacquard for the dress and the raw hemp/silk for the godets.


Andrea wore the Madelyn dress in hemp/silk charmeuse with accents of hand-dyed melon charmeuse. Her bridesmaids wore a custom designed dress in hand-dyed melon charmeuse.

Andrea's Comments: "I just wanted to tell you one last time thank you so much for doing such an incredible job on my wedding dress and all of my bridesmaid dresses. All of us girls had gotten nothing but compliments all night on how great the dresses were. And better yet I think it really changed a lot of folk’s minds on how nice hemp can really be (when I had told people before hand the dresses would be made out of hemp there was a bit of stereotyping and they thought maybe we were going to be wearing potato sacks.) Everyone was very impressed, including myself. As I have told you before, when I got the dress, I think you are a very talented sewer/designer and I wish the best of luck to you and your family, also best wishes in the prosper of your career and life.

Sarah & Bridal Party

Sarah wore the Grace dress created out of the raw hemp/silk. Sarah sent pictures of her celtic knot wedding band. I appliquéd the knot around the bottom hem using hand-dyed hempcel in lavender and celery. I used the same hand-dyed hempcel in lavender and celery for Caitlin and Bailee's dresses. Their bodices featured an appliquéd knotted heart.

Sarah's Comments: "I am extremely happy with all of them! Thank you for working so hard and making my dream dresses into a reality! I am very impressed and will do all I can to boost your business. Once I get pics of all of us in them, I will send them and you can use them if you like for whatever. Thank you again!"


Karen's wore the Audrey dress. I hand-dyed hempcel a soft, sunny yellow (matched to color samples Karen sent). It was an outdoor wedding, so she had me leave off the train.

Karen's Comments: "The dress is beautiful--thank you. The color is so perfect, I'm really glad you got it right. -Karen"

Cheryl & Bridal Party

For Cheryl's dress I used natural and maize hemp/cotton and appliquéd daisies on the bodice. The bridesmaid dresses are sage hemp/cotton with appliquéd daisies at the bottom hem.

Cheryl's Comments: "The wedding was beautiful, everyone asked about the dresses. Thank you so much. "

Marnie's Bridal Party

For Marnie's wedding I made dresses for three bridesmaids, shirts for three groomsmen and the officiant. Marnie sent sketches of her dress ideas and colors samples. She already had the groom's shirt and sent pictures, I made similar shirts for the rest of the men out of the colors used in the bridesmaids dresses.

Marnie's Comments: "The wedding was just wonderful! The dresses and shirts are great. Thank-you! Take Care, Marnie "

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